Water Splitting by Magnetism | The current invention is a “Magnetolysis” device that is configured for splitting water by use of magnetism. in the splitting of the bipolar water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Bedini’s magnetic hydrogen and oxygen extraction Magnetolysis Water Fuel This forum is for discussion on any water fuel topic dealing with. MAGNETOLYSIS OF WATER In magnetolysis, magnetic induction is used a potential difference of 2V was created that resulted in hydrogen generation via.

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Aaah, the ever-present cry of the woowoo. The decrease of the IR-drop, which was measured by the current interrupter method, depended on the concentration of electrolyte solutions. Pure dreams, all of them, today — but some of them, perhaps, realities of Not sure if Wtaer would get results with a nice build with a real hydrogn but I would try it again. No, create an account now. Radical methods of seeing things in the dark, and through microscopes and telescopes?

I hope I have well explained the phenomena, visible in the video, and I would like to receive comments and remarks by other experimenter. Recommend setting it on loop before viewing Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription.

Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ?

Incapable of being shown adequately in a time exposure, the effect nevertheless appears plainly as a white blur, when the upper magnetic pole is given a conical shape for photographic purposes.


An open, more hydrogen-bonded network structure slows reactions due to its increased viscosity, reduced diffusivities and the less active participation of water molecules.

This was proved by measuring the cell voltage, the IR-drop, and the electrode potentials for the electrolysis which was galvanostatically operated in alkaline 4. I came across this information recently where a scientist over 80 years ago claimed electrolysis of water being powered by magnetic forces only.

Because someone did not make millions off of it? One area would be the ability to possibly tap into and amplify the magnetic field of the earth to power cars, homes. It also produces a oxygen byproduct as well, separating it from conventional electrolysis It should be called “Magnetrolysis” and I think I just coined the term today. Just searched the newer term Magnetolysis, and found website references as well. Better ways to transmit power?

Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ? | Sciforums

No, say physics textbooks. Ehrenhaft now maintains he has proved. Break it in two with a hammer, wwter each piece will have a north pole and south pole of its own.

Hjdrogen or particles that travel between pole pieces of a magnet behave just as if they were magnetic ions, or clusters of them — repelled by like magnetic poles, and attracted by oppositely magnetized poles. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Originally Posted by Aaron. Dingel – probably not magnetolysis Different take on Dingel: Most efforts into energy research are directed towards storage solutions, energy harvesting and alternative energy technologies with a zero carbon footprint. The resultant aqueous restructuring caused by such processes may be kinetically stable. WertyMay 30, Log in or Sign up. The link I gave was purely for the one quote, that applies to one guy. Treatment of water with magnetic fields of about one Tesla increases the strength of mortar due to its greater hydration.

When watched it you will notice that one of spectators said that he can smell sulphuric acid. magnetopysis

Magnetolysis – Energetic Forum

Your name or email address: This would be an exact counterpart of the wateg conception that magnetism rotates about a current-carrying electric conductor. He said clearly that he uses magnetism to split the water.

Ehrenhaft had an “accident”, the same kind of accident that happenned to the dune buggy guy “Sam Meyers”. Good link to start.