Académico de Postgrado de Geriatría y Gerontología, Universidad de Costa . Los métodos y enfoques clínicos que se recomiendan en este manual están. Manual de Geriatría y Gerontología – para alumnos- paginas/udas/. Manual de geriatría y gerontología(Book) 2 editions published in Ensenanza de la geriatria en la escuela de medicina by Pedro Paulo Marín L.() 2 editions.

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Tiempo nuevo para el adulto mayor: Further studies employing specific scales to each of these CF domains to confirm such evidence are suggested.

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Tratado de geriatria e gerontologia. Daily life activities showed that help was required for sphincter control in 46 per cent of patients, for feeding in 44 per cent and for mobilization in 64 per cent 28 per cent of patients required help from two or more people. While this finding agreed with the aforementioned studies, 1931 there was no difference between FR and NF and between PF and NF individuals, suggesting that even elderly individuals not at risk of frailty may have a negative opinion of their health, or in other words, in this sample perception of health was not decisive for frailty and vice versa.

In terms of degree of frailty, The mean age grrontologia the three groups was similar. Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Evaluation of frailty, functional terontologia and quality of life of the elderly in geriatric outpatient clinic of a university hospital.

None had behavioral alterations. An important finding was the similarity of FC and QOL results between PF and NF elderly persons, or in geriatrix words those at risk of developing frailty had the same scores as elderly individuals without this risk, indicating that preventive interventions can be extremely effective even among pre-frail elderly persons.


The domains with the highest score in the evaluation of QOL were intimacy geriatriz death and dying. Falls among elders occur mainly outside of home, in subjects older than 75 years old, functionally dependent and with an important involvement of extrinsic factors.

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Physical activity, as well as the control of environmental risks, could be protective factors against recurrent falls AU. These authors 4 proposed a frailty phenotype that involves five factors: There was a correlation between FC and QOL in the PF and NF groups, showing that being functionally independent is a good determinant of both the physical and mental aspects of quality of gerontooogia.

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Method Cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical study. The results of the present study support the conclusion that elderly persons can remain independent, even when already at risk of developing frailty, or when already considered frail, as only three of elderly persons here presented minimal dependence.

This data reinforces the results of the present study and emphasizes the importance of assessing all elderly persons, even those who are most active in their daily lives, to ensure the early detection or even prevention of the phenomenon of frailty. Although the presence of comorbidities not mean frailty, it may indicate higher chances for the development of the syndrome by altering the health status of the elderly individudal.

Modificacion en el aparato osteoarticular by Sergio Jacobelli Gabrielli 1 edition published in in Spanish and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. Abuso o maltrato en el adulto mayor by Sergio Castro Hernandez 2 editions published between and in Spanish and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Among case mix classifications, the best for hospitalized elders is the Resource Utilization Groups RUG system, which allows a better location of patients, resource administration and the design of health care strategies for elderly people.


Functional independence is understood as the capacity to perform essential living activities, including caring for oneself, living independently in a house, and carrying out activities that are important for one’s QOL 4 while QOL in old age means a perception of well-being through grrontologia evaluation of to what extent an individual has realized that which is seen as important for a good life and the degree of satisfaction with what has been achieved until that moment.

For frailness testing, unintentional weight gerontologua was considered the self-reporting of weight loss equal to or greater than 4.

A post-fall syndrome appeared in 21 percent of cases and 2. Early identification of the predictive characteristics that define the syndrome allows the creation of measures that improve the QOL of the elderly person and avoid adverse events, thereby preventing, slowing or stopping the progression of frailty, by improving the care of the elderly. Marshall A, Buman A.

Numerous studies of frailty have argued that women are more susceptible to the development of comorbidities and frailty itself. Falls by older adults are a frequent problem among ambulatory patients in primary care.

Prevalence and factors associated with frailty in an older population from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: These data are important for early detection of determinants of frailty, since the criteria discussed here are reversible. October 26, ; Accepted: Qualidade de vida e fatores associados em idosos dependentes em uma cidade do interior do Nordeste.