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NGA- Una cosa son los standards y certificaciones y otra las directivas legislativas.

Automotive Glazing

Ina French chemist Edouard Benedictus, invented laminated glass and called it “Triplex”. NG- Ya se hace, es un mantenimiento preventivo para comprobar que se mantienen unas propiedades dentro del rango admisible. The 4S Planitherm is manufactured in Spain since February of this year to ensure the best service and availability.

En Alemania la normativa es muy restrictiva en este aspecto. The Planitherm is a glass of high light transmission allows to enjoy natural light that it is designed to greatly reduce energy losses through the window, improve the comfort reduce the known effect of “cold wall” that is so unpleasant in colder times and contribute to household savings.

Automotive Glazing | Saint-Gobain Sekurit

In this way Mirastar opens new applications such as tempered or laminated safety glass. El vidrio se obtiene a unas temperaturas de 1.

With a good reason: In addition to its possible use in the residential sector, Mirastar can be used to achieve effects mirror walls which are in areas of high humidity or where disinfection or cleaning products should be used.


Sin embargo, otros condicionantes son imprevisibles por el fabricante, como condicionantes del entorno, el tipo de mantenimiento, el tipo de uso que le da finalmente el usuario, que pueden no ser previsible. If the room’s next to the layer it is darker, the glass produces a mirror effect in the opposite side, making it impossible vision through him in this direction allowing for ‘spying’ from the side of the layer.

NGA- El mundo evoluciona hacia la seguridad. This makes it suitable for decorative applications both internal and external. NG- No, en este caso no.

La capa superior se considera de sacrificio. Everyday, we invent new manufacturing and assembly processes pushing boundaries of style and creating amazing new design possibilities.

Type of glass Clear, tinted and deep tinted glass Standard thickness: Glass coated Mirastar respond to the requirements of the class A of the Gobakn standard UNE – ENand are in accordance with the rules applicable to the glass layer relative to the CE marking. Arquitecto, especialista y consultor en vidrio. In other countries as Germany already years ago that applies in each of the buildings that perform.

In our country we have an outstanding issue with energy savings. Search Google Appliance Enter the terms you wish to search for.

Closures, Doors and Windows. Cada ensayo tiene su parte buena. Conventional mirrors have its limited use in areas with high humidity and in addition in certain applications, higher mechanical and thermal resistance provided by the temperate in safety glass is an essential requirement and conventional mirrors can’t keep it to can be mild or Thermo. Todos estamos empujando, no es un proceso liderado por una sola empresa que tiene ciertas capacidades para desarrollar un producto.


Existen productos que se superponen en el vidrio a temperaturas de grados que funden pero que no tienen la resistencia del vidrio. This is why interior gllass to include increasingly more mirrors in their projects.

Manual del vidrio – Saint-Gobain Glass – Google Books

A veces se pone el precio por encima de la seguridad. The “Securit” tempering process was discovered in Saint-Gobain’s laboratories inin the course of research undertaken at the request of the automobile industry.

You could also be insterested by these glossaries Introduction to glass Glass properties. At the same time, it can be printed and enamel. Spectral data See table below for average values given for a glass configuration of 2.

Imagine the future of mobility Driving tomorrow: Saint-Gobain Sekurit leader of automotive glazing for more than 80 years. Laminated glazing can also be used for sidelites and backlites, mainly to improve safety and security. Pero el vidrio no se va a degradar.