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Abolish pol-sleaze on Our Side of the Barricades – Dec 31 segment 2

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osotb-003-2-20161231 Leftover Crack – So You Want to Be a Cop 00:00:26 Mac Dre – Punk Police 00:04:18 Onyx ft. SickFlo – Strike Bac 00:08:51 Rancid – Back Where I Belong 00:12:35 natasha – Track id 00:14:45 Red Hot Chili Peppers – Police Station 00:15:18 Expelled – What Justice 00:20:25 Film Clip – Sammy Davis Jr Jr 00:22:31 Sick of It All – Good Cop 00:23:10 Wasted Youth – Fuck Authority 00:25:36

Adjusting the Levels Our Side of the Barricades – Dec 17 segment 1

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osotb-001-1-20161217 natasha – Opening     David Rovics – Behind the Barricades     BGK – Police Crimes   The stairs in cop offices Are built to kick handcuffed people down Once in a while someone gets killed Papers say: “Reasons unknown” Police crimes Foreigner had to show I.D. So grabbed his passport immediately Cop shot him right through the head “I slipped and fell” is what he said Warning shot (cop said it was a) Murderers (the police are) In Amsterdam, Brixton, Germany, Russia America, South Africa, El Salvador, anywhere People are being killed by the police… Ramshackle Glory – Of Ballots and Barricades I I got arizona residency one day too late To vote on this election day Every year before I’ve been too drunk to register Then I’d say, “I don’t believe in it anyway” I still shake my head at ballots cast for elephants And shake my head at ballots cast for donkeys Because I swear to god our leaders will be death of us There’s no ballot we can cast to set us free But there’s no brick we can throw that will end poverty And we can’t blow up SB1070 Things will never be…