Levels on Our Side of the Barricades 1 of 3

7 Seconds Boss
natasha Opening 00:00:31
Misfits All Hell Breaks Loose 00:00:59
Rovics Behind the Barricades 00:02:27
BGK Police Crimes 00:04:11
Ramshackle Glory Of Ballots and Barricades 00:05:51
natasha Introduction 00:04:33
Dicks Dicks Hate the Police 00:08:20
Raveonettes Cops on Our Tail 00:10:18
Be your Own Pet Becky 00:13:09
natasha Track ID 00:15:59
Code of Honor People’s Revolution 00:16:14
Crucifucks Cops for Fertilizer 17:16
Provenance At the Barricades 00:18:35
natasha Track ID 00:23:21
Dead Kennedys I Kill Children 00:23:36
natasha Getting Punk Rock 00:25:44
Bad Brains Don’t Need It 00:26:17
natasha Track ID 00:27:24
Dead Kennedys Police Truck 00:27:36
Discharge Drunk with Power 00:29:51

Levels on Our Side of the Barricades 2 of 3

Lady Gaga Bad Romance
Social Unrest – I Wanna to Be Heard 00:05:06
Kesha We R Who We R 00:08:02
natasha track id 00:11:28
Avengers No Martyr 00:13:03
Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood Barricades and Brickwalls 00:16:04
natasha track id 00:19:17
MxPx Shut it Down 00:20:26
Onyx Fuck da Law 00:23:27
natasha track id 00:26:48
Patrick Fitzgerald Set We Free 00:27:50
Woody Guthrie Chain Around My Leg 00:30:21
D.I. Living in the USA 00:33:57

Levels on Our Side of the Barricades 3 of 3

YG feat. G Eazy and Macklemore FDT (Fuck Donald Trump part 2)
KillIt Shut it Down 00:03:37
natasha track id 00:08:17
Black Cougar Shock Unit I’m Not Drunk I Hate You 00:09:01
Human League Sound of the Crowd 00:11:35
SS Decontrol Police Beat 00:18:12
natasha track id 00:20:18
99 Bottles Working Drunk 00:20:52
Animosity Shut it Down 00:23:51
Interpol Barricade 00:27:24
Die Kreuzen This Hope 00:30:45
Silencers Policeman 00:31:54
natasha track id 00:35:36
Clash Complete Control 00:36:22
natasha track id 00:39:50
Nyandaconda 00:40:21
natasha Closing 00:47:43
Casey Neill and the with Norway Rats Riff Raff 00:49:43